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The Big Green Egg


If you buy a Big Green Egg, you won’t need any other barbecue. The world’s leading Kamado-style cooker does the lot – grilling, roasting, baking, smoking and a pizza oven. It’s the works in one unit with more than 40 cooking options available from Big Green Egg’s Eggspander ™ accessory system.


The Big Green Egg has many features but the secret to its great cooking results lies in its unique air flow system and composite ceramic material that retains heat so well.


Accounting for the best thermal efficiency of any Kamado – or indeed, any barbecue – on the market, the composite ceramic material used by the Big Green Egg stems from NASA’s experiments to produce heat shields for the space program. The literally space-age material also withstands extreme heat, cold and heavy usage and is guaranteed for life.


Independent tests have shown that Big Green Egg has the least heat loss of any Kamado on the market, with at least 40 per cent less heat loss compared to its nearest competitor when heated to 371 C. Yep, that’s how hot they can get!


The air flow system has two elements that allow for precise fine-tuning of the cooking temperature: the Draft Door at the base controls the air flow into the fire box while the Dual-Function Metal Top controls the air flow through the Cooking Chamber to within a degree and also acts as the exit vent for heat and smoke. The Egg’s shape means that heat radiates from the top, inside the dome-shaped lid – which stays closed for all cooking – as well as from the coals below the cooking grid.


And because Big Green Egg burns natural lump charcoal from hickory and oak timber, food flavours stay pure, without the taint sometimes discernible from briquettes or gas. There’s less ash and no chemicals, additives or petroleum by-products. Just a delicate wood smoke flavour imparted to food.


The Big Green Egg charcoal lights quickly and allows faster cooking, saving fuel and time. Yet it’s very efficient – unused charcoal can be retained for the next cook and the Egg will run for 24 hours on one load. So you don’t have to open the lid – losing heat in the process and stirring up ash to settle on the food – to check the charcoal or add more.


Available as a series of accessories for the Large and Xlarge Eggs, Big Green Egg’s Eggspander ™ system allows a multitude of cooking set-ups based on the convEGGtor basket and half-grid bases, such as the Half Moon Baking Stone and Cast Iron Half Grid. The 5-piece EGGspander Kit for the Large Egg comprises a 2-Piece Multi-Level Rack, a convEGGtor Basket and two Stainless Steel Half Grids.


The Big Green Egg has come a long way from humble origins. In the post-war years, American servicemen stationed in Japan discovered Kamado cooking and, impressed by the results on the ancient clay ovens that go back to the Chinese Qin Dynasty, wanted to bring them home when their GI service was finished.


One such serviceman was Ed Fisher, who was also an entrepreneur and opened a store in Atlanta selling Kamados imported from Asia in 1974. The Big Green Egg was born. However, the early units would become brittle and crack at high temperatures and exposure to the elements. So Ed partnered with advanced ceramic manufacturing experts and materials engineers and came up with a composite material first used by NASA for the space program.


The Big Green Egg corporate headquarters is still in Atlanta, but today’s Big Green Eggs are manufactured in Mexico and have been refined over more than 40 years, with development continuing today and an ever-expanding accessories range.


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