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Designed for use with the Smartfire BBQ Controller, this BBQ Probe accessory is a short and stubby probe design to monitor the internal air temperature of the BBQ. It includes a handy clip that holds the probe and attaches to your grill. A key feature is they are waterproof so will work well in the often humid environment of BBQ smokers!


Additional items

·        Includes a metal grill clip

Cable length

·        1.5M

·        5'

Operating temperature range

·        -40C to 350C

·        -40F to 660F


·        ~1% within normal cooking ranges (0-350C)


Note: Do not leave probes inside smokers at extreme (>350C/660F) temperatures. To avoid damage, do not place in close proximity to flame.

Maintenance wise, it is suggested to: 

  • Wipe with damp cloth and/or wet steel wool after use
  • Wipe cable every month with steel wool to bring shine back with very little effort!

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