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  • Easy to use
  • Produces clean, cool smoke for up to 10 hours
  • Will work in most existing BBQ’s, smokers, in fact just about any container
  • The most cost-effective cold smoking method, 100g of wood dust smokes for up to 10 hrs
  • Made from high grade Stainless Steel
  • 150 x 180 x 40mm
  • Weighs just 250g

Released in 2010 it is now used by top chefs, fishermen, hunters and “foodies” around the world to add a wonderful smoky flavour to foods such as fish (Salmon, Haddock, Kippers, etc), bacon, hams, eggs, cheeses, beef, venison, salami, butter, salt and nuts. The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator is designed to produce smoke for up to 10 hours, using ProQ smoking wood dust which is of a high quality and sourced from sustainable forests (other brands of dust may not produce the same results).

The original ProQ Cols Smoke Generator is most effective in containers that have a capacity of between 30litres - 150 Litres. The Proq Eco Smoker (33 Litres) and the ProQ Frontier (105 Litres with 2 stackers) are Ideal.

Please ensure that this unit is not used indoors, it can create concentrations of carbon monoxide which is odourless and can be deadly if inhaled. Use in a well-ventilated area out of wind and rain. Always remove the tea-light candle used to light the cold smoke generator once the dust has begun smouldering, the candle must be removed before inserting the generator into your chamber.


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