Primo XL400 Built In Loaded

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The Primo Oval XL400 is one of the most versatile grills as temperatures can be maintained anywhere from 95 degrees C through to well over 350 degress C.

As a smoker running low and slow, temperatures are held very consistant over the cook. Roasting is easy with such radiant heat, juices are locked in. The flavours found when searing those steaks over the direct flame are mouth watering. Pizzas are amazing as temperatures can be cranked up well over 300 degrees C and beyond.

Primo Oval XL400 is easy to light, easy to opperate, with little to no clean up required.

Loaded option comes with Ceramic deflector plates, Drip pan holders, 16" Glazed Pizza Stone, Cleaning Bar Tool, Charcoal, quicklights and Ash tool

  • Ceramic Cookbox and Roasting Hood
  • Patented Oval Design
  • Limited 20 Year warranty
  • 2 Zone Cooking
  • Grill/Roast/Bake/Smoke
  • Unmatched Cooking Versatility
  • Low Maintenance

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