Bast 10KG Coconut Charcoal


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  • 100% Natural Product
  • Long Burn time of 2.5 hours per Kilo
  • Low Ash
  • High Heat 
  • Low Smoke

 BAST BBQ coconut charcoal indulging

BAST bbq coconut charcoal is the ultimate barbecue experience in summer and winter. Think of it as a mini-vacation in your own backyard on long evenings where you eat with friends together and relax. BAST bbq coconut charcoal is a durable quality product with a social impact.

QUALITY Guaranteed!

These high quality coconut charcoal is ideal for barbecuing! BAST bbq coconut charcoal burns longer and more consistently than regular charcoal. Moreover, it stays hot for a long time, less smoke and barly flames. Ideal for (in) directly, low and slow barbecue sessions.

ECO friendly & sustainable

For one kg of wood charcoal you need 5kg of wood, for 1kg of coconut charcoal you need only 3kg of coconutshells. Sulawesi in Indonesia produces 15 bil. Coconuts a year BAST bbq coconut charcoal is made from coconutshells, a waste product from the coconut industry. With BAST you can reduce the mountains of coconutshell waste in Indonesia. For this barbecue charcoal you don´t need any tree to be cut down!


The whole product is made in Indonesia and packed at a fair price. This will benefit local farmers and businesses. BAST also wants to work on better working conditions and production methods.

Heat: Very Hot
Burn: Very Long
Lighting: Moderate
Ash: Moderate
Low N Slow: Yes*

*have a chat with us, may be too hot for low and slow cooking in your BBQ. Not suitable for use in a ceramic kamado.

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