Condor Tanami 1500mm wide Rangehood

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The Tanami is a powerful four motor rangehood mounted inside the ceiling space and sits flush with the ceiling. The power of the four motors ensures that the spectacular view is maintained without compromising on the efficiency of ventilation. The Tanami does not have lights and comes with remote switching.

  • Body Width: 1500mm
  • Top or back ducted
  • Remote control only
  • 3600m3/hr air movment
  • Filters: 10
  • Filter Size: 290 x 355mm

Condor Barbecue Rangehoods are Australia’s finest BBQ Rangehood.  Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. Condor Rangehoods deliver powerful airflow to remove any smoke and grease from cooking, combined with minimal noise to ensure that you and your guests enjoy the perfect alfresco experience.

  • Made from type 304, non-magnetic brushed stainless steel
  • Can be made from marine grade steel as a custom made rangehood
  • Energy saving LED strip lighting.
  • Two sets of dishwasher safe, stainless steel mesh filters
  • Canopies are manufactured to client specified heights to avoid unsightly joins in the steel.
  • All rangehoods are insulated with fibre-glass matting
  • Some rangehoods are able to be powerkoted in any Dulux Powdercoat colour.

As alfresco areas are becoming increasingly elaborate, being equipped with high-powered BBQs as well a variety of traditionally indoor appliances such as fridges, dishwashers and even flat screen TVs, a robust rangehood that delivers powerful airflow to remove smoke and grease from the area is indispensable - especially if this area can be fully enclosed. The Condor Rangehoods are designed especially to remove the by-products of cooking in the alfresco outdoor area. Cooking on barbecues and other alfresco cooking equipment such as hotplates and spits can generate copious amounts of smoke as well as grease, moisture and odours that settle on surrounding furniture and fixtures creating an unpleasant and unhygienic environment.

Condor Rangehoods are all equipped with three highly powerful German motors to remove these by-products of cooking before they ruin the ambience of your alfresco area. The Condor Rangehoods are also exceptionally deep to fully capture the smoke generated by the BBQ.  All models have a depth of 800mm with two sets of stainless steel filters to ensure capture efficiency of the rangehoods are at a maximum. Condor motors have an air movement of 900m3/h per motor and are made exclusively for Condari.  All standard Condors are triple motored and move 2700m3/h of air.

Over the years, Condari has invested much time and resources into reducing noise levels to a minimum. Condor Rangehoods are all highly insulated with fibreglass matting within the body of the rangehood– a material that provides a sound-deadening barrier.  This ensures that while removing massive amounts of air, the Condors are still extremely quiet in operation. Correctly ducted rangehoods ensure that they operate at maximum efficiency with minimal noise.  Condari manufactures solid duct pieces especially designed for the powerful Condor Rangehoods.

Condari only recommends the use of

  • Solid
  • Non-flammable
  • Correctly sized ducting that vents to external atmosphere

to ensure noise levels are minimal and efficiency is maximised.

All Condor Rangehoods come with a 3 year manufacturers’ warranty which is extended to a total of 5 years when an Approved Installer installs the rangehood.

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