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Product - Silicon Gloves

These silicon gloves are great for handling anything hot, moving ribs around on the grill, your favourite cast iron pan or roasting dish also great for pulling meats.

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Product - Yoder Cheyenne 16-Inch Offset Smoker

The Yoder Cheyenne 16" Offset Smoker expands your horizon of barbecuing to introduce the world of slow smoking, with the smoke drawn into the chamber indirectly to ensure the finished product is mo

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Product - Yoder Wichita 20-Inch Offset Smoker

The Yoder Wichita 20" Offset Smoker takes offset smoking to the next level, with a larger cooking space to cater for all crowds. With the smoke drawn into the chamber indirectly, the resultant prod

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Web Page - About BBQs Plus

Who is BBQs Plus? This page is about us.

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BBQs Plus is a proud participant and contributor to the Australasian BBQ Alliance, Aussie Pitmasters and Aussie BBQ Forums whose members are a continuing wealth of information about all things BBQ. Feel free to visit, click on the logos and join this forum of lovers of food and cooking and explore the dark art of real Barbecue.